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<h2>CookTek Commercial Induction Cooktops</h2>

CookTek ® brings commercial kitchen equipment to a whole new level with advanced, efficient induction cooktops, countertop burners, food warmers and more. Professional cooks using commercial kitchen equipment enjoy higher productivity, substantial energy savings, safer cooking environments and, most importantly, better quality food using induction cooktops.

Our induction cookers are faster than gas and more efficient than electric. They are easy to control for precise heating and unmatched results. The induction cooktop’s surface remains relatively cool, reducing the risk of injury and allowing for easier clean-up and with the CookTek ® induction cooktop’s significant energy savings come lower utility bills and a cooler, greener kitchen.

Stoddart is the exclusive importer and distributor of CookTek products in New Zealand.


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