Equipment Care & Maintenance Guide

A chef can only perform as well as his equipment allows. An important part of maintaining a hospitality venue is ensuring that the equipment is cared for and maintained for optimal performance.

Refer below for a maintenance breakdown by product type - with tips for Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Planned Maintenance.

Contact our Service Team on 0800 935 714 for more information on equipment maintenance.

When you receive your new product, it should contain User Maintenance information within the product User Manual. Once installed, ensure you read all included documentation to understand the operation and care requirements for your product

You can also find User Manuals in the Downloads tab of any product on the website - use the Search bar to find your product and related documents

If your product is no longer shown on the website or is a custom product, please contact and we will send you a copy of your User Manual.

It is advised to store this documentation in an easy to find place, such as a clearly marked ring binder in your restaurant office, along with other documentation required to be in the restaurant.

There are a few General Maintenance guidelines that apply to most products:

  • Regularly refer to your product's User Manual for specific cleaning instructions and appropriate cleaning solutions.
  • Nuts and bolts should be regularly checked and kept tightened on any/all units that have them.
  • NOTE: Do NOT pressure wash equipment control panels, as this can damage the electrical components.