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<h2>Adande Undercounter Fridge Drawer Systems</h2>

Adande’s patented refrigerated drawer solution has evolved into a modular unit that has become the preferred refrigeration choice of chef’s around the world.

Adande is an award winning and innovative refrigerated drawer system which overcomes many of the short-comings of traditional refrigerated drawer designs. The system is modular and extremely flexible, allowing you to bring refrigeration to the point of use, for example as a chef base, a preparation station, or as bulk storage. The Adande system can be configured to suit any application.

The Adande Refrigerated Drawer has won various awards for innovation and sustainability in commercial refrigeration. It is one of a number of innovative commercial fridge designs which provide superior cold storage conditions, using less energy, than traditional refrigeration designs.

Adande is distributed exclusively by Stoddart in New Zealand.

<h2>What can Adande refrigerated drawers do for my kitchen?</h2>

Adande drawers are a versatile refrigeration option - watch below to see an Adande installation at an Australian restaurant.


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