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<h2>Perforated Metal Designs from PerfArt</h2>

Not only should a building be comfortable and pleasant to work in, but it should also convey the right image of the business that occupies it. Architects and designers have turned to perforated metal to achieve this end.

Stoddart Perf Art can be an abstract design, a company or brand logo or even a photograph — anything you can imagine. Perf Art is created by punching different sized holes into metal to represent the various different shades within the image. Detail in the perforated image is determined by the size and spacing of the holes in relation to the surface area.

Images can be made to fit an individual panel, or can be perforated for an image over a larger area made up of a number of panels. This can produce building cladding or plant screening to spectacular and very individual effect. When back-lit, either by natural light, or by diffused LED lighting, panels take on a whole new life, transforming the environment where they are displayed.

View the range of standard PerfArt hole patterns, or upload an image for one of our PerfArt team to work from.

<h2>PerfArt Installation | Northern Beaches Hospital Overpass, NSW</h2>

See the finished result of Stoddart fabricated perforated panels for the Northern Beaches overpass.


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PerfArt Patterns

View the standard range of perforated patterns available