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Asado Electric Parilla Grills

Bring the wood fired experience into your commercial kitchen

The Asado Parilla grill offers a unique style of cooking that originated with the cowboys of Southern Brazil and Argentina called Gauchos. Meats are slowly cooked over live fuel of natural wood and charcoal which results in flavoursome, succulent and tender cuts.

The Asado Parilla grill is a fantastic addition to kitchens that want to cook meats and produce over a live fire and maintain the authentic woodfired barbeque flavour.

Restaurants around Australia are taking advantage of the Asado units - making the Asado Parilla Grill a central part of their menu creations.

<h2>Guy Grossi | Grossi Florentino Grill, VIC</h2>

Watch below to see how Australian chef <b>Guy Grossi</b> embraces the Asado grill in his coveted Melbourne restaurant.

Notable Product Features

  • Adjustable grill height from 950mm to 1550mm
  • Electric powered elevation of cooking grill
  • Joystick grill height control
  • Cantilevered grill frame lifts vertically to allow clear access to firebox
  • Removable cooking grills that fit dishwasher racks
  • Resting rack for slow cooking
  • Night cover for firebox
  • Robust frame supports
  • Removable firebox skirt for easy cleaning
  • Customisable front face to match any cooking lineup
  • Adjustable grill holds up to 40kgs
  • Firebox made with non toxic materials
  • Complete stainless steel manufacture
  • 100% Made in Australia
  • Available in 800mm and 900mm depths to suit most commercial lineups
  • Convenient cupboard beneath for wood storage

View Asado Products